Commercial and industrial businesses in Bahrain that provide a direct service to customers are now able to resume trading on Thursday but must adhere to strict precautions.

Asharq Al-Awsat 8 Apr, 2020

Bahrain announced the resumption of commercial and industrial activities that provide direct services to customers as of Thursday, under strict precautions and health measures that include continuous sterilization, reducing the number of employees, working remotely as much as possible, and ensuring social distancing.

The announcement came in a press conference on Tuesday, in the presence of Fayekah Al-Saleh, Minister of Health, and Zayed al-Zayani, Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourists, who in turn emphasized the closure of sports clubs, cinemas, buffets, cafes, and restaurants, except for food take-away and deliveries.

Zayani added that the concerned governmental committee has decided to resume commercial and industrial activities that provide services and goods directly to customers while taking the necessary health precautions and applying teleworking when possible.

The Minister of Health stressed that people in public places are required to wear masks.

For his part, Lt. Col. Manaf Al-Qahtani described as normal the increase in the number of people infected with the virus.

“But all these increases are within the pre-emptive precaution plans developed by the Kingdom of Bahrain,” he said, noting that the expectations indicate a further increase in infections next week.

Dammam- Obaid al-Suheimy