Bahrain to have a new petrochemical complex

Bahrain’s National Oil & Gas authority is in discussions with BAPCO, one of Bahrain’s national oil companies, to set up a joint venture to build the petrochemical complex.  To read more click here.

Bahrain Visa Changes for US, UK, Canadian and Irish Nationals

Bahrain has increased the period of stay permitted for holders of the 5 year Multiple Reentry visa from 30 days to 90 days making it much easier for US, UK, Canadian and Irish Nationals to spend time in the country, aimed at boosting tourism.

It has also announced the launch of 2 new visit visas.  To read more click here.

$5bn Expansion of Oil Refinery

BAPSO (Bahrain Petroleum Company) is expected to finalise it’s financing for the $5bn expansion of it’s oil refinery in Sitra.  It is in talks with a number of credit agencies regarding the sourcing of it’s financing.

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Bahrain to grow its IT sector

The Government is investing heavily in its IT sector to attract foreign IT companies to set up here and encourage local start-ups.  To read more click here.

Construction Projects increase by 43%

The issuance of construction permits has increased by 43% in the past year proving the importance of the legal procedures the Government has taken to protect this vital sector.

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