Bahrain Tender Board opens 48 bids for six tenders and one auction.

“Tenders were opened for completion of work at the Ain Rayaa Garden, and at an air-conditioned bus shelter, among others.” 28 Jan, 2020

Bahrain’s Tender Board, the independent regulator of the Bahrain Government’s procurement activities, has opened 48 bids related to six tenders and one auction for seven purchasing authorities.

Two tenders were opened for the Bahrain’s Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs, and Urban Planning. The first of the two tenders was for completion of work at the Ain Rayaa Garden. The tender received eight bids.

The second tender for the Ministry of Works was for Phase 1 of the establishment of parking at the University of Bahrain – Block 1054. This tender received 13 bids.

In addition, the Bahrain Tender Board opened a tender for the kingdom’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications for the installation of an air-conditioned bus shelter. The tender received three bids.

The board also opened an auction for the Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah) for leasing land in Manama – Fareej Al Khodur. Two bids were submitted for this auction.

One tender was also opened for the supply of casual labour, as well as janitorial and cleaning services for Gulf Air. The tender received 14 bids, according to the state-run Bahrain News Agency.

The tender process was attended by representatives of the bidding companies and companies participating in the tenders. In line with the Tender Board’s guidelines on competitiveness and fairness, the bids will be assessed on all relevant technical and financial criteria before being awarded to the best candidate.

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