Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Gulf WLL

Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems Gulf WLL, now Toshiba Energy Systems & Services Gulf WLL is part of the well-known Toshiba Corporation. Specialised in advanced electronic and electrical products including power generation systems, Toshiba Transmission first acquired a registered address from PRIME in 2007 to fulfil their CR requirements for the establishment of their activities in Bahrain.

With the regional head office located in Abu Dhabi, PRIME’s mail forwarding service proved helpful in forwarding all communications directed to their Bahrain address. With vital projects taking priority, they took advantage several of PRIME’s services including assistance in sourcing suitable accommodation for their staff and thereafter managing the monthly rental payments and lease renewals on their behalf.

Once fully functional and established they were ready to occupy a fully furnished and serviced office and employ further staff. PRIME was thus registered as the authorised responsible person with the LMRA and were enlisted to complete the visa formalities for their new employees. Monthly salaries are paid into their employee’s accounts using PRIME’s payroll support service. Monthly payments to the SIO, LMRA and Municipality are also managed by PRIME to ensure payments are always up to date and for company compliance.

Other services followed including Company Registration renewals, audit report submissions and navigating and resolving CR issues. Quick and efficient attestation and notarisation services are frequently used to fulfil their corporate governance obligations at board level.

Services provided include:

  • Serviced Offices
  • Corporate Secretarial Services:
    • Company Registration (CR) renewal
    • Submission of audited reports
    • Business activity renewal
    • BCCI renewal
    • Bill payments – EWA, SIO, LMRA
    • Appointment of PRIME as responsible person with LMRA & SIO
  • Addition of new activity on CR
  • CR violation removal
  • Attestation services
  • Registration of UBO
  • Work visa applications
  • Work visa ceiling applications
  • Property management services
  • Payroll services
  • Dedicated phone number & call forwarding to head office
  • Mail & facsimile handling and forwarding
  • Company rubber stamp fabrication
  • Directory listing

The company took advantage of PRIME’s Corporate Secretarial Services package – a very useful and popular service where all Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MOICT) obligations are taken care of and maintained by PRIME ensuring complete company compliance. New company compliance reporting which can come at short notice from the Ministries such as the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Ownership) report are also notified to the client and submitted quickly.

Today Toshiba continues to rely on PRIME’s broad knowledge of the local business and legal environments to stay up-to-date with all visa and payroll related requirements for their employees and to keep abreast of the corporate reporting obligations.

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