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Caronavirus tracing app introduced in Bahrain

A coronavirus (COVID-19) tracing app has been introduced by Bahrain’s health authorities to provide users with COVID-19 updates within the Kingdom. It aims to keep everyone updated and spread awareness in an effort to contain the virus. 21 March, 2020 Bahrain’s health authorities have launched the ‘BeAware’ app, which aims to support efforts to […]

Tenders awarded and bids opened in the latest round from the Tender Board according to The Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry.

The latest round of tenders have been awarded worth $17.8 million covering consultancy services and construction of roads and rainwater drainage. Bids totaling $119.3 million were also opened covering various roading, sewerage and construction projects., 18 March, 2020 Eight bids with a total value of $17.8m awarded, along with eight bids worth $119.3m opened […]

Bahrain launches a $11.3 billion stimulus package.

A $11.3 billion stimulus package will be implemented by Bahrain’s government to support it’s citizen’s during the cornonvirus (COVID-19) pandemic, representing 29.6% of Bahrain’s annual GDP. The eight point package will include relief from municipality and utility bills and salary payments. 18 March, 2020 The government of Bahrain has announced an $11.38 billion economic […]

$3 million invested in Bahrain’s ICT sector

Several Indian IT firms have invested in Bahrain’s information, communication and technology (ICT) sector. Made up of IT consultants, software and hardware developers, the combined investments total more than $3 million which was approved by Bahrain’s Economic Development Board in 2019. To read more click here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from PRIME

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with information and the speed at which decisions are being made during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Just today we received notification from CAA (Civil Aviation Affairs) that flights will be reduced as a precautionary measure to contain the outbreak. Visa’s on arrival will also be suspended as advised by the […]

Incoming flights into Bahrain will be reduced starting from 03:00 on Wednesday, 18 March 2020 as announced by The Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA).

Bahrain News Agency 15 Mar, 2020 The Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA) has announced a reduction in the number of incoming flights to the Kingdom of Bahrain until further notice, effective 03h00 on Wednesday, 18 March 2020. The CAA highlighted that this decision has been taken to help contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and safeguard the health […]