Certified Translation Services

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If you are planning to work, do business, or live in Bahrain, you will need to submit certain key business, legal and even personal documents in Arabic to various government bodies. These documents must be translated into Arabic from their original language by an officially certified translator, otherwise they will be rejected.

Certified translations must be as close to the original document as possible, not just in terms of accurate content, but also in their layout and any stamps or other such markings. Only then will they be accepted by the Notary Public who provides the attestation on the translated document.

Fortunately, PRIME’s translation services are certified by all the relevant bodies in Bahrain, including the Ministry of Justice, the Notary Public, and the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). We can provide fast, accurate and cost-effective translations for any documents you might need.

Which documents require a Certified Translator?

  • Documents relating to the civil registry (birth certificates, marriage certificates and so on);
  • Title deeds, school certificates, degrees and diplomas, affidavits, witness statements and court rulings;
  • All documents to be produced before an official body or an authority (municipalities, ministries, consulates and so on);
  • Legal paperwork, such as documentation used in trials or hearings;
  • Immigration applications nearly always require certified translation. If you are applying for a residency permit, the concerned authority will likely require that all documents be submitted in Arabic and that translations of these documents must be certified;
  • Documents related to trademark and patent applications. All supporting documents should be submitted to the Trademark Office and the Patent Office after translation into Arabic by a certified translator;
  • Documents which require legalisation by most government bodies.


High quality translation of other documents

As well as certified translations for government bodies, we offer high quality English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation for any documents you might require – and at a competitive price.

We understand that for success and acceptance across borders, translations need to be technically accurate and linguistically clear; they should also have cultural insight in order to effectively communicate the sense of the document. That’s why we use only the most qualified and experienced translators.

Our translation services cover these key areas:

Legal and government documents

We have provided translation services for some of the best-known law offices in Bahrain. Through our legal translators and proof-readers we can assist with the translation of court judgments, police reports, legal contracts, regulations, powers of attorney, and other legal document translation.

Employment contracts

When applying for work visas, employment contracts must be submitted in Arabic or as a bilingual contract that includes Arabic when applying for work visas. We can translate your employment contracts to satisfy all ministry requirements.

Engineering and technical

We offer high quality, reliable technical and engineering translation services at competitive rates. Documents include operating manuals, safety manuals, training materials and patents.

Audited financial reports

Typical documents include commercial registrations, agreements, employment contracts, financial statements and confidential correspondence.

Corporate profile and brochures

If you promote your company via a corporate profile on your web page or through online/printed brochures, having them translated into another language can give you access to new markets. We can help you with the translation and with any changes you may require to better suit into your target market.


Our highly educated, trained and experienced translators can translate medical reports, prescriptions, patient information, medical questionnaires and other documents.


We can translate your website into the language of your target market. Simply provide us with the content in a Word document and we will do the rest.


We provide highly qualified interpretations as well as all the required equipment, such as headsets, microphones, booths and sound systems.

Other languages

Through our associates, we are also able to offer translations into and from Arabic for languages other than English.



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