Copyright, IP and trademark registration

Protection and management

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Whatever the size of your business, the scale of your operations or the sectors you operate in, PRIME can help. We offer a complete range of intellectual property and copyright services, covering Bahrain, the GCC and the wider Middle East region.

Our IP and Copyright department is headed by Qusai Al Massri, who has a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property rights, plus over 15 years’ relevant experience. He handles all enquiries and can manage IP portfolios regionally and globally.

For the enforcement of IP rights, our affiliated law firm Zu’bi & Partners provides in-depth legal assistance as required. A leading firm in the region with a specialisation in IP rights, Zu’bi & Partners can undertake any IP enforcement actions necessary, including litigation.

INTA membership gives you greater protection

PRIME is a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA). This is the global association of trademark owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and intellectual property in order to protect consumers and brands.

Membership also gives us access to global databases and advanced relevant resources, as well as the latest innovations and best practices – all the additional support we need to protect your brands, trademarks and IP.

Comprehensive IP services

PRIME provides a full range of services designed to protect your businesses and intellectual property:

Registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights and industrial designs

We assist our clients with registering their IP rights, not just in the GCC, but all over the world. Our task starts from preparing and collating the required documents through to receiving the final IP registration certificates.

We can assist with the following;

  • Trademark applications – to be submitted at the Trademark Office.
  • Patent and industrial design applications – to be submitted at the Patent Office.
  • Copyright applications – to be submitted at the Ministry of Information Affairs.

Once submitted, we update you with any developments regarding your application and assistance with any necessary processes. Once issued by the entity concerned, we provide you with the final registration certificates.

Maintenance, renewal and licensing of IP services

After registering your IP rights, we can assist with applying for, managing and renewing the requisite IP licences to ensure that your trademarks, patents, copyrights and industrial designs are protected. This includes notifying you about renewal due dates.

For licensing applications, we provide you with a licence agreement template, and submit the application to the related directorate on your behalf to make sure that the application will be accepted.

Legal services: Infringement, counterfeiting, opposition, cancellation and appeal actions

If an application is met with opposition or rejection, we can submit appeal applications to the authority concerned. If an appeal goes to court, then our legal affiliates, Zu’bi & Partners, can handle the case. They can also handle all matters relating to enforcement, prosecution infringement and any other legal requirements.

Patent drafting

To be accepted, patent applications and associated documents must be drafted in a specific way. Particularly important areas include the abstract, description, claims and inventive steps. In these as in all areas, PRIME can assist you.

Trade secrets protection

PRIME can assist with the protection of confidential business information such as manufacturing processes, customer and supplier lists, and sales methods, etc. We can also provide you with the required information for managing your trade secrets.

Trademark watch

PRIME will check published official gazettes to make sure that our clients’ trademarks have not been copied by any other companies. We also advise our clients if there are similar brands operating in the market.

Ownership search

We can assist our clients with obtaining lists of their IP rights by conducting appropriate searches. You can simply provide us with the name and we can submit an application to the related directorate to obtain the required list.

IP translations

PRIME can assist you with translating all IP documents to facilitate the registration and management process. For more details, see our translations services page.

Perfectly placed for all your IP requirements

Bahrain has long been a regional leader in developing intellectual property laws and regulations. IP protection is a key component of the trade agreements the country has signed with the US, the UK and other countries.

As well as being an INTA member and affiliated with one of the country’s leading IP legal specialists, PRIME is an Affiliated Partner of the Bahrain Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. We also have many associate firms and other key contacts throughout the GCC and wider MENA region.

As such we are excellently placed to deliver the full range of copyright and intellectual property services that today’s international businesses demand.

If you have a query related to IP in any country in the region, simply get in touch with us here in Bahrain, and we will be able to respond promptly. Please email Qusai Al Massri, or call +973 1757 0400.