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PRIME is now certified as an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company.


For all your office and business services in Bahrain.

If you are in Bahrain on a business trip…
If you are a new company wanting to do business in Bahrain…
If you are a business operating anywhere in the world looking for temporary or permanent office space in Bahrain…

From blue chips to start ups

From blue chips to start ups

Established in 2005, PRIME offers individuals and companies a wide range of office services, ranging from office space to business support services. We have helped many companies both large and small to establish a presence in Bahrain.

An address to impress

An address to impress

Conveniently located in the heart of the Diplomatic Area of Manama, Bahrain, PRIME is a one-stop consultancy and service centre set up to provide businesses with an easier introduction to doing business in Bahrain.

Experience & contacts

Experience & contacts

Our vast experience, extensive contacts and broad-based knowledge of the local business and legal environment means we can also give you all the advice you need to achieve maximum benefit for minimum cost and effort. Our status as an Affiliated Partner of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce also brings you many advantages and potentially saves you many administrative headaches.

Serviced Offices

A wide selection of office space suitable for anything from a brief business trip to a major long term presence.

Support Services

Attestations, legalisations and notorisations, commercial registration, bookkeeping, legal, secretarial and IT services.

Virtual Offices

A cost-effective alternative, with all you need to run a successful business.

Video conferencing

A cost-effective business tool, we offer accessible, reliable and secure connections.

ISO Certified

PRIME is now certified as an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company.


PRIME Instant Offices can take care of all visa requirements and other documents for businesses and professionals from anywhere in the world, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.