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For some businesses, a virtual office serves as a cost-effective alternative to a physical presence. You could be a new business, or your company could be operating in Saudi Arabia, elsewhere in the Middle East, or indeed anywhere in the world. Wherever you may be, choosing PRIME means that your business can enjoy have many of the benefits of an office without the need for renting actual office space.

Ministry-approved municipality numbers

If you want to incorporate a company in Bahrain you must have an approved municipality number. PRIME is licensed to provide unique municipality numbers, as well as shared municipality numbers (with restrictions) that allow you to legally practice your business here.

Directory listing

PRIME lists the names of all companies with virtual or serviced offices on a directory board. This is a legal requirement, but it also enhances your company profile.

Conference and meeting rooms

As a virtual office client, you get priority booking of our meeting rooms, and at a discounted rate.We have three meeting rooms available 24/7, which can accommodate a maximum of 8 to 12 people depending on the room. These are ideal for board meetings or training groups. Each meeting room is equipped with a telephone, flip chart, projector and digital whiteboard, plus video conferencing facilities. Complimentary tea and coffee is on offer, and outside catering from quality local outlets is also available.

Mail handling and notification

As a virtual office client, you have the option of using PRIME’s postal and PO box addresses – the post box is checked twice a week and all mail brought to reception for sorting. All client mail is handled with the utmost confidentiality and anything addressed to you will be dealt with as per your instructions.

You can opt to be notified by email whenever you receive a mail item; alternatively you can instruct us to open, scan and relay your mail to you via email. We can even forward your mail by courier every week or fortnight, or deliver your mail via messenger to any local address. You’re also welcome to collect your mail in person.

Bahrain PO box registration and renewal

If you already have a Bahrain PO box or would prefer to have your own rather than use ours, we can help you acquire one and manage its annual renewal. We can also check your PO box daily and notify you and forward incoming items, just as we do with mail coming to PRIME’s PO box.

Dedicated telephone number

You can opt to have a direct telephone number, which we can answer during centre opening hours using your company name. Outside these hours, or at all times if you prefer, you can have calls diverted to your mobile or a voicemail box, accessible remotely.

Call answering service

As an alternative to having your own number, you can make use of PRIME’s telephone number in Bahrain. We provide a call answering service that offers the flexibility to capture your important business calls or enquiries and will quickly forward messages to you via email.

Use of PRIME’s fax

You can use our fax number for incoming transmissions. We will scan and forward your faxes by email.

Company rubber stamp and stationery

Corporate stamps are a standard requirement in Bahrain for authenticating business communications, especially with ministries. We can arrange them to be made for you quickly and efficiently, and with all the necessary information.

You may choose to keep your company stamp with us in case you need us to complete formalities for some of the many business services we offer. We can also arrange other stationery requirements, such as printing your company letterhead and business cards.

Property management

If you are renting property locally we can help manage the renewal of your company or private property agreement. This includes settling regular payments such monthly rental, electricity and municipality bills, internet and telephone bills, and more.

Other services

We also offer a wide range of other business-related services. These include finance and accounting, translations, and Bahrain visa assistance. Have a look too at our guide to doing business in Bahrain


With a PRIME virtual office, it’s easy to create a big impression for just a small outlay – and we’re here to make everything as uncomplicated and streamlined as possible.