A leading specialist in outdoor advertising

A leading specialist in outdoor advertising from France with a global presence seeking access to the outdoor advertising market in Bahrain approached PRIME in 2007 for assistance in establishing their operations. The first step was to lease a registered address from PRIME in order to complete their company registration obligations. As they did not have an existing post office box they opted to use PRIME’s PO box and avail the confidential mail handling services with instructions to forward their incoming mail to their main office overseas.  

The company later switched from a registered address to a fully furnished and serviced office and engaged PRIME’s visa services department to prepare them for the hire of new staff. This involved the appointment of PRIME as the responsible person with the LMRA and SIO in order to apply for the relevant work and dependent visas for their staff.

Services provided include:

  • Registered address
  • Serviced office
  • Directory listing
  • CR renewal & revival
  • BCCI renewal
  • Registration of UBO
  • LMRA and SIO registration
  • Visa services –
    • Appointment of PRIME as responsible person with LMRA & SIO
    • Work, resident & visit visa applications
    • Settlement of monthly SIO & LMRA invoices
  • Municipality invoice settlement
  • Mail handling and courier services
  • Car parking
  • Fabrication and maintenance of their Corporate Rubber Stamp

The company is now fully established and enjoying their successful operations in Bahrain. Over the years they have called upon PRIME’s expertise to take care of various ministerial requirements and formalities including CR and BCCI renewals.  In 2022 they moved to their permanent offices.

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