Intellectual Property in Bahrain

The registration of Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and Industrial designs can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with the process and it requires getting the right information organised and submitted correctly. The general process of registration is the same globally but there may be small differences in each individual country such as examination criteria, local laws and customs, or extra steps involved.

In Bahrain, if you are not a national or resident of Bahrain you will have to apply through registered IP agents such as PRIME.

Filing a Trademark, a Patent, a Copyright or an Industrial Design is not just about the application itself. There are processes in place to allow for public notifications, opposition and/or grievances against the filing and what to do in case the filing is refused. It’s useful to note that where there are two languages involved, where one might be in English and the other in Arabic, the registration of the word or phrase in English does not provide trademark protection for the word or phrase translated to Arabic.

Other things to consider is selecting the correct classes of goods and services, accurately describing your goods or services, protection periods, costs and renewals.

PRIME’s IP clients are from all walks of life and businesses. They entrust PRIME to take care of filing right through to registration. Past and current clients range from a well-established finance company specialising in foreign exchange and international money transfers; a leading manufacturer of hand crafted jewelry that have been in Bahrain since 1950; and an airport ground handling service provider to an airline, cargo clients, and passengers.

PRIME’s wide network of IP agents around the world enable clients to register their brand in other countries tapping into their local knowledge and likewise PRIME provides the local expertise when a client wishes to register their brand in Bahrain from overseas.

Some of PRIME’s clients are IP agents from all over the world; below are only a few our IP agent clients: 

  • AADMRK Intellectual Property is one of the leading firms in the U.A.E. Their Head office is based in Dubai and we provide our clients with A to Z protection for their intellectual Property in the U.A.E.  AADMRK are using our IP services in Bahrain, i.e. all of their clients’ IP queries are forwarded to PRIME to be filed, managed and protected.
  • is a company that specializes in the global trademark and
    domain registration services, with a presence in more than
    220 countries and territories across all five continents. This company is using our IP services in Bahrain, i.e. all of their clients’ IP queries from all over the world are forwarded to PRIME to be filed, managed and protected.
  • Alkalthami is one of the most trusted names in GCC region, providing firms, organizations and individuals with legal services emphasized on intellectual property matters and services related to the Board of Grievances and Sharia Court, banking and finance related disputes, commercial paper, commercial litigation, etc. We have tailored our services to serve each individual client depending on their interests and requirements. PRIME is the solo and only IP agent provider in Bahrain.

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