USA Based Global Immigration Consultants

Global immigration consultants often use the services of local providers to enable them to serve their international client base in countries where they do not have direct operations and offices. Their reach and ability to serve clients globally offering end-to-end expertise and personalised professional immigration experience is dependent on finding the right partner in each country.

One such company based in the USA approached PRIME in 2018 after securing a global immigration services contract. The company engaged PRIME’s expertise to assist in all immigration requirements for their client’s branch in Bahrain.

PRIME initially assisted with two urgent pending cases so it was important for the client to partner with a company that could quickly assess and advise the process going forward to achieve the desired result for their new client. PRIME adheres to specific guidelines stipulated by the immigration specialist regarding communication preferences between the three entities to ensure integrity and professionalism due to the amount of sensitive information involved.

Services provided include:

  • Visa services –
    • Appointment of PRIME as responsible person with the LMRA (Labour Market Regulatory Authority) and the SIO (Social Insurance Organisation)
    • Work, visit and  dependent visa applications and cancellations
  • Changes of job titles
  • Assist with medical examination processes
  • Obtaining address confirmations from the ministry for smart card purposes
  • Messenger services

Today PRIME continues to provide expert and efficient support for all their immigration requirements enjoying an excellent working relationship.

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