Regional retail distributor of clothing and luxury brands

In 2013 a long-established regional retail distributor of clothing and luxury brands based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started their Bahrain operations after acquiring a small local clothing distributor who were already clients of PRIME. Their network currently encompasses over 270 stores with operations in six markets across the region.

Acquisition of the old company meant that it had to be liquidated and part of that process was to transfer the work visas of the existing skilled employees to the new company’s sponsorship. To do this the new company must be correctly registered with the LMRA and SIO in order to accept the transferred employees. The processes involved can be quite extensive with numerous and sometimes complicated paperwork involving Power of Attorneys and the registration of the responsible person for the new company.

PRIME assisted with the co-ordination of all the procedures, providing the company with clear instructions and documentation necessary to complete the registration and transfer of employees, both local hires and expatriate. A meet and assist service was also provided making the process even easier where the client was collected and accompanied to the ministries involved. Barriers that arose during the transfer of the employees were addressed, such as the limit on the number of employment visas allocated to the new company. PRIME was able to advise the best course of action by way of applying for a work visa ceiling increase.

In 2018 and 2019, the company registered three new branches and again engaged PRIME to assist them with the transfer of employee’s visas and registration at the LMRA and SIO.

Services Provided Include:

  • Visa Services:
    • Appointment of PRIME as responsible person with LMRA & SIO
    • Work, resident & visit visa applications
    • Settlement of monthly SIO & LMRA invoices
  • Acquiring updated Istimarat Tasjeel from the MOIC
  • CR & BCCI renewals
  • CR violation removal
  • Bank account opening
  • Annual submission of Financial Report
  • Registration of UBO
  • Notorisation services
  • Meet and greet services
  • Messenger services
  • Fabrication and maintenance of Corporate Rubber Stamp

To date, PRIME continues to support the clothing supplier with ongoing visa services including smart card formalities, business visit visa services, LMRA and SIO monthly payments as well as CR and BCCI renewals, submission of their annual audited reports to the ministry, and submission of the one-off UBO.

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